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Something new from a powerful brand Rayovac

110 years of expertise in the hearing industry along with a drive to constantly innovate and evolve means Rayovac hearing aid batteries are synonymous with quality. 

Rayovac has always been a leader in its field and our recent product developments continue to set new industry benchmarks when it comes to design, technology and performance. In the future – as in the present – Rayovac is committed to retaining its undisputed position as market leader by continuing to develop technological enhancements, user-friendly packaging and shelf-life improvements. All of which makes Rayovac the go-to provider for hearing care professionals and consumers around the world.  

Exceptional pack, pioneering performance

Rayovac’s new, innovative EXTRA Premium Pack design offers an array of improved features and benefits to you and your customers. Both 25% larger and forward facing, improved tabs allow for easier removal, better handling and are colour coded for easy identification. The new dial has been molded to the exact shape of the battery and tab, to ensure each and every cell is held forward facing and secure in the pack.  

Not only this, but the EXTRA Premium Pack comes with upgraded, larger card – thicker and more robust to allow for improved handling by customers. In addition our upgraded cartons ensure batteries are safe during shipping and storage.   

Improved tabs - 25% larger for easier removal. Forward facing tabs specifically designed for better handling and colour-coded for easy identification. 

Optimised dial - Moulded to the exact shape of the battery and tab, ensuring each and every cell is held both forward facing and securely within the pack.

Rayovac Active Core Technology is a major step forward in the world of hearing aid battery power. The improved cell design and formulation delivers more energy to ensure no hearing aid battery lasts longer*. Providing customers with the longevity, reliability and power needed to cope with any situation.
* Based on ANSI/IEC tests for sizes 10, 13 and 312

Rayovac AAA/LR03 baterija 4-komplekts

Rayovac AAA/LR03 baterija 4-komplekts

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