Noco GBC016 Protection Case suojakansi GB500

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188,95 €


NOCO GBC016 protection case for GB500 jump starter. It has a semi-rigid custom exterior with zipper closures, a reinforced handle, and shoulder carrying strap. The rubberized base offers protection from moisture, impact, dust, and other environmental factors, while the molded interior perfectly fits, stores, and protects the NOCO GB500 Boost MAX™ UltraSafe jump starter— the GB500 (not included). The GBC016 case has additional pockets for carrying related Boost accessories (not included). Store the protective case easily in your trunk, vehicle, or garage. the booster is fully usable even in the case.


Tuotekoodi GBC016
Pistoke ei saatavilla
Väri Musta
Paino 1,6kg
Sopii GB500
Valmistaja Noco

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