Noco GBC004 Boost MAX Clamps (GB500)

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NOCO Boost MAX battery clamps made specially for NOCO GB500 booster. Suitable for 12V and 24V petrol and diesel engines for cars, marine, RV, trucks etc. Robust and durable design provides maximum current flow and minimal power loss. Protects from reverse polarity, spark, overcharging, overcurrent, overheating. Silicone cables maintain their flexibility even in cold temperatures. Clamps are ergonomically designed, therefore they are easy to handle and provide a steady grip. Length 0.9m.


Tuotekoodi GBC004
Väri Musta
Pituus (mm) 0.9m
Jännite (V) ei saatavilla
Tyyppi ei saatavilla
Korvaa ei saatavilla
Valmistaja Noco
Paino 2.5kg

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