Lithium LiFePo4 moottoripyörän akku 12V 750A

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The starter battery has a water- and dustproof housing and built-in power balancer. 50% lighter and more startups than with conventional lead-acid batteries. Minimal self-discharge, no leakage. High cold-start power to -10 ° C without damaging the battery. Frost-proof - working temperature from -30C to +60C, storage temperature from -50 to +60C. The LiFeP04 power cells are currently indicated with over 5000 charging / discharging cycles. Thus up to 3 times longer than conventional lead or gel batteries. Starting power CCA: 750A. Charging voltage: 14.4V, nominal voltage: 13.2V. Suitable for road machines up to 3000ccm. Package includes 1x starter battery, 1x manual.


Tuotekoodi 367105
Kapasiteetti 12.5Ah
CCA 750A
Jännite (V) 12V
Väri Musta
Paino 2.5kg
Tyyppi LiFePo4
Valmistaja CS-Batteries