Noco XGS4AUTO 4 Watt Automotive Solar Charging Kit

Fits in your glovebox, yet powerful enough to keep your car battery fully charged when not in use. These ultra-flexible solar panels are designed not to fail in some of the most extreme environments - dirt, dust and water. Made from a specialized outdoor rated canvas that does not color fade or degrade over prolonged use in the sun.

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Simple and easy to use. Just connect to your battery and enjoy long-term battery maintenance without any worry of damaging your battery. An error signal that will alert you if clamps are hooked up in reverse, preventing any damage to you or your vehicle, and it constantly monitors the battery status to make sure the battery will never be overcharged. .Includes multiple accessories options for charging your battery anywhere. Charge directly through the 12-volt port with the X-Connect 12V Adapter, or attach directly to the battery with the X-Connect Battery Clamps. If your vehicle has ignition shut-off, connect directly to the vehicles OBDII port with our X-Connect OBDII Connector (not included). .Does not contain batteries nor does it require any direct AC current from an outlet. The panel is designed for ease of use, requiring very minimal ´plug-and-play´ set up with accessories. The panel can then be left unsupervised as the regulator will actively monitor your battery, delivering power until the battery is full, then stopping to prevent any overcharge. .The XGS4AUTO Automotive Solar Charging Kit provides you everything to need to keep your battery fully charged and maintained, like on cars, boats, motorcycles and more. An ultra-compact, foldable and lightweight 4-watt solar battery charger, which makes it easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. A 4-watt portable solar battery charger for maintaining 12-volt batteries directly from the sun. Ultra-compact and foldable design makes it easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. UltraSafe charging with zero overcharge, as well as, spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. Automatically recovers damaged batteries for increased battery life and performance. Safely charge Wet Cell, Gel Cell, AGM, Enhanced Flooded Battery or any Maintenance-Free Battery.


Laokood XGS4AUTO
Pinge (V) 12V
Võimsus -
Värv Must
Kaal 0.4kg
Sobib Mootorratta, ATV, Muruniiduki jms. akudele
Tootja Noco

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