User Manual

Read this manual carefully before taking the battery into use for the first time. When opening the package, make sure the package and the battery are intact. Use only suitable and compatible batteries in the laptop.
Never dispose of old batteries together with common waste; always take old batteries to a collecting station or to a dedicated container.


Install the battery carefully into the battery socket of the laptop and make sure the battery locks properly into its place. Verify that the locking tabs of the battery are engaged. If necessary, read the manual of the laptop.
Do not use excessive force!


Batteries are delivered in a discharged state and it is recommended to charge the battery immediately. Batteries can be charged at ambient temperatures of 5- 35°C. The duration of the first charging must be at least 12 hours.
Subsequent charging of a fully discharged battery will take 3-4 hours.
In order to increase the battery life, we recommend letting the battery discharge fully and then charging it fully at the first 2-4 times.
In order to let a battery discharge fully, disconnect the power cord of the laptop and use the laptop until it switches off due to low battery charge. The battery loses its charge continually also if the laptop and/or the battery is not used.
The useful life of a battery in normal operating conditions is 500-800 charge-discharge cycles or 1.5 to 3 years. The number of charge-discharge cycles of Li-Ion batteries is limited.
The battery life of a fully charged battery depends on the intensity of battery use and on the applications used. It also depends on the battery capacitance, computer peripherals and software in use, screen brightness, and ambient temperature.
In order to extend the useful life of the laptop battery, remove the battery from the laptop if you plan a longer disuse of the laptop; store the battery in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight.


The battery life of a fully charged battery can be extended by reducing the power consumption; for this, reduce the brightness of the LCD screen and use the power saving functions of the laptop. Close all unnecessary software programs and unplug all unneeded peripherals from the computer. Take your laptop to regular maintenance (once per year). We recommend plugging the computer into a power outlet for burning CDs / DVDs.


• Green light flashes – battery is being charged
• Green light is on – battery is fully charged
• Red light flashes – battery is almost empty
• No light – battery is empty


Never charge or keep the laptop plugged into a power outlet during a thunderstorm.
Never charge the battery in an incompatible device.
Avoid dropping the battery and subjecting it to impacts and physically damaging the battery.
Never attempt to open or repair the battery.
Avoid contact with liquids. Use of a wet battery may cause an electric shock or a fire.
Never keep the battery in direct sunlight or heat. When outside the computer, store the battery in an anti-static plastic bag, in a dry and cool place.
Use the battery with compatible laptop models only.
Never dispose of old batteries together with common waste; always take old batteries to a collecting station or to a dedicated container. Batteries may contain compounds which are hazardous to environment.

battery safety


• All batteries have a warranty period of 6 months. The warranty period starts from the date stated in the goods dispatch document.
• In case of a warranty incident, the defective elements of the battery will be replaced or the defective battery will be replaced with a new equivalent battery. The replaced battery will remain the property of the party providing the warranty.
• Warranty claims must be proven with the original counterpart of the purchase or delivery document, stating the transaction date, product name, and serial number or product code marked onto the product.
• The seller shall decide about ending the warranty period on the basis of the warranty terms.
• The seller will not perform transportation of warranty goods and will not pay for postage fees, unless agreed otherwise beforehand.
• Batteries shall be included under warranty only if their defect is caused by the manufacturer. The customer is obliged to notify the seller about the defect as soon as possible.

Batteries are not included under warranty in the following cases:

• If the battery has been charged with incorrect or incompatible equipment;
• If the battery has been subjected to impact or fall;
• If the battery has been subjected to overvoltage;
• If the battery has been subjected to short-circuit;
• If an attempt has been made to open the battery;
• If the battery has been used in a computer that is not in good technical order or is not compatible with the battery;
• If the battery has been subjected to physical damage;
• If the stickers or serial numbers on the battery have been removed or damaged.

If you have encountered problems with a battery that you are using, please inform the seller about the defective product by telephone or via e-mail.
Send the defective battery to the seller, together with the purchase document and a detailed description of the problem.
If the battery conforms to the warranty terms, the seller will replace the defective elements of the battery or will send a replacement battery to the customer within 30 days, starting from the date of the seller receiving the defective product. If it is impossible to repair or replace the battery, the seller will compensate the price and the transportation cost of the battery.