Panasonic 6V 3,4Ah lead-acid battery LC-R063R4P VRLA

Panasonic 6V 3,4Ah LC-R063R4P is a quality replacement battery for UPS and security system terminals!

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<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The Panasonic VRLA battery Trickle Design Life 10-12 years series was</p> <p>developed by studying and analyzing the factors which caused</p> <p>deterioration of conventional batteries in various aspects.</p> <p>Further, whereas conventional batteries needed separate bolts and</p> <p>nuts for connection, medium-capacity (24 to 42Ah) type</p> <p>batteries of this series adopt unique terminals which have been made</p> <p>into bolts (threaded post) for simpler installation and better safety;</p> <p>this makes replacement and connection of the batteries easier.</p> <p>The Panasonic VRLA battery covers a broad range of applications</p> <p>including UPS, wheel chairs, lawn mowers, golf-caddies,</p> <p>alarm systems, wind turbines, vending machines etc.</p>

Additional Information

Sku 355606
Capacity 3,4Ah
Voltage (V) 6
Color Black
Length (mm) 134
Width (mm) 34
Height (mm) 60
Total height (mm) 66
Terminal width (mm) 4,75
Expected lifetime (years) 6-9
Weight 620g
Type Lead acid
Manufacturer Panasonic