Ultrabatt motorcycle batteries

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Ultrabatt multiMIGHTY is a patented clickable, modular, lithium battery used in the Dakar rally, MotoGP, Moto2, WSB and WSBB

Ultrabatt's modular design allows you to create the perfect battery your vehicle needs. Ultrabatt multiMIGHTY is extremely flexible and can be mounted on any side and in any position, the plus and minus terminals are alway positioned correctly. And when more battery capacity is needed it is simply a case of connecting more multiMIGHTY batteries to each other, offering all the power you want, in every possible position.


A breakthrough in battery design now available to all riders. Perfect for road, dirt, water and race track applications.

Ultra Light - more than 80% weight savings

More Powerful - starts faster and more reliable

Longer Service Life - 8-10 years, 2 year free replacement warranty

Mounting Flexibility - can be mounted in any position on any side

Microchip Technology - ensuring maximum safety and durability

Ultra Safe - no explosive gases, no lead, no acid

No more dead batteries - holds charge for +1 year without maintenance

Recharges Faster- within 5 minutes battery will be recharged

Modular Battery- create the perfect battery for each vehicle

Easy to Install - multiflex housing and covered edge terminals

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