Laptop batteries - how to find a new one?


1. IF YOU HAVE THE OLD BATTERY WITH YOU, please find a battery code on it. It's the most reliable way to find a new battery, since we can't say for sure we have all the laptop models enlisted on our product descriptions (the manufacturers update their lists very often). The battery code may be written as "part number", "model number", "replace with" etc.
For HP the most common variation is: HSTNN-...
For Lenovo: FRU 41T..., 42T..., 45N... etc.
For Asuse: AA..., A0..., A31... etc.
For Dell: combination of letters and numbers, for example J1KND etc.

2. If You have determined the battery code (for example A31-K56), You need to enter it to our webshop's search box:

3. There are usually batteries with different capacities available:
4-cell is a battery with 4 cells, the capacity is 2600mAh
6-cell has 6 cells, capacity is 5200mAh
9-cell has 9 cells, capacity is 7800mAh
12-cell has 12 cells, capacity is 10400mAh
Forementioned batteries (.. cell) are made of high quality Samsung cells.

You may also see batteries with Chinese cells, that have a capacity of 4400mAh (You can see it in the product's name). Those are usually cheaper and may be a little bit less durable than Samsung cells.
4. Open the product and check, whether the battery code You searched for is actually enlisted in the "Replaces" list.

5. Don't choose a battery that's smaller in capacity than the original battery - find one with the same capacity or bigger.

There are some batteries that have a lot more capacity compared to the original battery. Those are usually marked as "9-cell". If the extra cells extend downwards, it lifts the computer about 40 degrees higher in the back. Some Lenovo batteries extend backwards and that makes the computer longer (doesn't lift it). It all depends on the model. It's okay to use a battery bigger than the original.

6. Please make sure that the voltage is the same for the original battery and the one that You found on our webshop. Our batteries are mostly made of Samsung cells, that have a voltage of 3.7V each, this means that the voltage of the whole battery is 11.1V. Most original batteries that come with laptops have a voltage of 10.8V, those are made of cells with the voltage of 3.6V. The difference only comes from the fact that our battery cells are stronger. If You old battery's voltage is 10.8V and we offer one with 11.1V, then those batteries are totally compatible. No problems will occur during replacement.

7. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE OLD BATTERY and You only know the laptop model, You need to search by this (for example "Lenovo T430"). If our search doesn't find anything by it, please use Google Search: enter the laptop model + „battery“, for example: Dell Inspiron N4420 battery. You should find the battery code from there, then enter the code to our search.

8. Availability:
if there's "in stock" written, then the battery is usually in our Estonian stock.