HP Pavilion DV2000 12-cell laptop battery

HP Pavilion DV2000 12-cell aku on komplekteeritud Samsung SDI elementidest, mis tagab aku pikema kestvuse! Tegu on garanteeritult parima akuga.

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Presario C700 Series, Presario F500 Series, Presario F700 Series, Presario V3000 Series, Presario V3100 Series, Presario V3500 Series, Presario V3600 Series, Presario V6000 Series, Presario V6100 Series, Presario V6200 Series, Presario V6300 Series, Presario V6500 Series, Presario V6500z, Pavilion dv2000 Series, Pavilion dv2100 Series, Pavilion dv2200 Series, Pavilion dv2300 Series, Pavilion dv2400 Series, Pavilion dv2500 Series, Pavilion dv2600 Series, Pavilion dv2700 Series, Pavilion dv2800 Series, Pavilion dv6000 Series, Pavilion dv6100 Series, HP G6000 Series

Additional Information

Sku 355001
Capacity 10400mAh/112Wh
Manufacturer Samsung SDI cell
Voltage (V) 11,1
Number of cells 12
Dimensions N/A
Color Black
Weight 622g
Type Li-ion
Replaces COMPAQ: 462337-001; HSTNN-LB42 HP COMPAQ: 411462-421; 411463-251; 417066-001; 441425-001; 432306-001;EV088AA; EV089AA; EX940AA; EX941AA; HSTNN-DB32; HSTNN-LB31; HSTNN-IB32; HSTNN-Q21C; HSTNN-Q33C; HSTNN-W34C; HSTNN-W20C; HSTNN-C17C; HSTNN-IB42; 436281-141; 441243-141; 441462-251; 446506-001; 446507-001; 454931-001; 455804-001
Is suitable for Presario A900 ; Presario C700EM ; Presario C700ET ; Presario C700LA ; Presario C700 Series ; Presario C700T ; Presario C700XX ; Presario C701LA ; Presario C701TU ; Presario C701XX ; Presario C702LA ; Presario C702TU ; Presario C703LA ; Presario C703TU ; Presario C704TU ; Presario C705LA ; Presario C705TU ; Presario C706TU ; Presario C707LA ; Presario C707TU ; Presario C708LA ; Presario C708TU ; Presario C709LA ; Presario C709TU ; Presario C710BR ; Presario C710ED ; Presario C710EE ; Presario C710EF ; Presario C710EL ; Presario C710EM ; Presario C710EN ; Presario C710TU ; Presario C711TU ; Presario C712TU ; Presario C713TU ; Presario C714NR ; Presario C714TU ; Presario C715TU ; Presario C716TU ; Presario C717NR ; Presario C717TU ; Presario C718TU ; Presario C719TU ; Presario C720BR ; Presario C720ES ; Presario C721TU ; Presario C722TU ; Presario C725BR.' Read more..

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