CS laptop battery MSI BTY-S31, 925T2950F 4400mAh

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks


Additional Information

Sku 365822
Output current N/A
Capacity 4400
Height (mm) N/A
Width (mm) N/A
Length (mm) N/A
Manufacturer CS
Voltage (V) 14,8V
Number of cells 8
Dimensions N/A
Color Dark Blue
Weight 350g
Type Li-Polymer
Replaces 925T2950F BTY-S31 BTY-S32
Is suitable for MEDION Akoya MD97199 Akoya MD97201 Akoya MD97247 Akoya MD98150; MSI X-Slim X-Slim X320 X-Slim X320-037US X-Slim X320x X-Slim X340 X-Slim X340021US X-Slim X340x X-Slim X350 X-Slim X350X X-Slim X360 X-Slim X370 X-Slim X370x X-Slim X400 X-Slim X410 X-Slim X410x X-Slim X420 X-Slim X420x X-Slim X430 X-Slim X620

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