APPLE MacBook A1185 laptop battery 55Wh

APPLE MacBook A1185 aku on kvaliteetaku, mis ühildub korrektselt arvutiga ja tagab probleemidevaba töötamise.

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APPLE MacBook A1185 battery is of good quality and fits to the computer correctly, without problems.

Additional Information

Sku 355047
Capacity 55Wh
Manufacturer Yoku cell
Voltage (V) 10,8
Number of cells 6
Dimensions N/A
Color White
Weight 388g
Type Li-polymer
Replaces A1185; MA561; MA561FE/A; MA561G/A; MA561J/A; A1181
Is suitable for MacBook 13" MA254 ;MacBook 13" MA254*/A ;MacBook 13" MA254B/A ;MacBook 13" MA254CH/A ;MacBook 13" MA254F/A ;MacBook 13" MA254J/A ;MacBook 13" MA254LL/A ;MacBook 13" MA254SA/A ;MacBook 13" MA254TA/A ;MacBook 13" MA254X/A ;MacBook 13" MA255 ;MacBook 13" MA255*/A ;MacBook 13" MA255B/A ;MacBook 13" MA255CH/A ;MacBook 13" MA255F/A ;MacBook 13" MA255J/A ;MacBook 13" MA255LL/A ;MacBook 13" MA255SA/A ;MacBook 13" MA255TA/A ;MacBook 13" MA255X/A ;MacBook 13" MA699 ;MacBook 13" MA699*/A ;MacBook 13" MA699B/A ;MacBook 13" MA699CH/A ;MacBook 13" MA699J/A ;MacBook 13" MA699LL/A ;MacBook 13" MA699TA/A ;MacBook 13" MA699X/A ;MacBook 13" MA700 ;MacBook 13" MA700*/A ;MacBook 13" MA700B/A ;MacBook 13" MA700CH/A ;MacBook 13" MA700J/A ;MacBook 13" MA.' Read more..

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